The Getaway to the Exotic Far East

Even after the most incredible of experiences, it’s easy to go home and feel like it never happened. The demands of everyday life can make it hard to remember what it was like when ‘I visited exotic temples and sceneries, took the first dip into the ocean on a sunny day, or fell in love with life and loved ones all over again. Jevah will take you back to these exotic holiday trips, keeping your memories vibrant and alive.

Our goal is to find the finest ingredients and aromas that will take your desires back to the roots of the Far East. Our collection comprises 3 arousing aromas, Jasmine Spell, Beach Bum and Rose Embrace that promote a mind, body, and soul experience. They are carefully selected by our expert alchemist, combing sacred flowers, exotic fruits and native herbs to recreate forever-lasting essentials of the Far East.

The sanctuary scent of Jasmine Spell delicately delivers a peaceful tranquility. Beach Bum vibrant fragrance awakens memories of Sea, Sand, and Sun. And the deep sensual aroma of Rose Embrace sparks a magical moment like the forever first kiss. A breathe of any of our products will move you like you never have departed. Get carried away with Jevah.

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